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Taameer Jordan announced the signing of an MOU with Chinese Construction Firm VMC Global

Taameer Jordan, a Black Pearl Global Opportunity Fund portfolio company, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with VMC Global of China, one of China’s strongest integrated Construction companies. The MOU outlines the possible cooperation between the two firms. The initial focus will be on establishing a framework allowing for the successful completion of Taameer’s existing projects. More importantly, both firms are studying new developments and projects in Jordan.

VMC Group Chairman, Mr. Wahdan, expressed the firm’s readiness to enter the Jordanian Market. “VMC has always looked for new opportunities and with this we believe we have found the right partner in Jordan.”

The firms expect to finalize an agreement in the first quarter of next year and begin projects soon after. Taameer Board Member, Omar Khalifeh, expressed the firm’s readiness to create a new chapter for Taameer and VMC being the appropriate partner for this new stage.

About VMC global

VMC Global, established as a Shanghai company in 2004, is a premier privately owned firm mastering in International Development, Consultancy, Design and Construction. VMC successfully executed projects for a range of industries in various cities in China and other parts of the world. Its projects include Shanghai EXPO 2010, Disney China and S. Korean Midan R City. VMC was ranked in 2015 as the fourth strongest Construction Company in China based on its Capability, Capacity and Track Record.

About Taameer Jordan

Taameer Jordan Holdings (TJH) was established in 2005 as a public shareholding company, listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) and had the largest IPO in the history of Jordan’s capital market. Taameer focuses on master development of residential and Commercial projects in Jordan


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