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Charitable foundation

Black Pearl Capital’s Partners strongly believe that businesses have a role to play in supporting the societies in which they operate. Recognising this core value, as part of the firm’s social responsibility, it has created the Black Pearl Capital Charitable Foundation.

Our mission

The Foundation’s mission is to support charitable works in the following priority areas:

  • Poverty

  • Children’s health

  • Education

  • Diversity

  • Arts and culture.


The Foundation’s strategy

The strategy is to respond to applications for donations, and fund a number of projects each year. The Foundation’s objective is to provide resources to charities and other organisations that demonstrate: exceptional promise to make a difference in one of our priority areas; strong leadership, both in the area in which the organisation operates and from its people; a track record of successful implementation; and the capacity to use the donation wisely to provide maximum impact.

How to apply for donations

Applications are welcomed from any charity or not-for-profit organisation operating in the priority areas. Please explain your ideas informally in writing by sending a short letter that: is not more than two pages; describes your organisation; outlines your project; details your accomplishments to date; and indicates your likely funding requirements.

There are no application deadlines – all applications are assessed as they arrive and awards are made throughout the year. In exceptional circumstances, applications from new organisations lacking a track record of success will be accepted.

Please send your application to:

Black Pearl Capital’s Charitable Foundation
c/o Black Pearl Capital SA
Rue Muzy 7


Or email your application to:


Note that applications are not accepted from: individuals; fraternal organisations; or political parties, campaigns or candidates.

Here are just some of the organisations that the Black Pearl Capital Foundation has supported:

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