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Hantec Group announces Launch of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

The Hantec Group is pleased to announce the launch of its latest entity, Hantec Markets Limited in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. The group will be using all its experience to ensure that this new addition is as pioneering and innovative as the other entities in the Hantec Group. Hantec will achieve this by utilizing creative technological solutions to make trading more straightforward and accessible to a broader audience whilst enhancing the user experience.

The Hantec Group’s core values will always remain at the forefront of their development, and the opportunities presented are limitless. Hantec Group’s strong and unrivalled reputation continues to provide a strong foundation for their vision and enables them to be ambitious in their undertakings moving forward. “To redefine our industry, we will always continue to pursue a higher level of excellence by being at the forefront of technology and focus on our end users.


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