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Black Pearl Oilfield Services (BPOS) announces delivery of Advanced Hydraulic Workover Unit to Argen

Canadian Energy Equipment Manufacturing (CEEM), wholly owned subsidiary of BPOS, has delivered an Advanced Hydraulic Workover Unit rated at 225 000 lbs. to Blok Oilfield Services Argentina. Blok Oilfield had a special requirement for a highly versatile, powerful but small footprint workover rig. The search for the top of the line equipment led to CEEM and Blok contracted CEEM to provide them with one of CEEM’s Advanced Hydraulic Workover Units. The advanced hydraulic workover unit, labelled the AHWU225K, was designed, engineered, and fabricated in CEEM facilities within the United Arab Emirates.

CEEM provides state of the art equipment and cost effective solutions for the oil and gas industry. The fabrication and engineering facilities are ideally located in the UAE on the doorstep of over 60% of the world’s hydrocarbons. The AHWU225K unit is small but powerful with a lift capacity of 225,000 pounds. The specialized design of the rig with a nineteen meter “jackknife mast” horizontally deployed and anchored at the basket riser allows for easy rig up with smaller cranes than typical units require. The design of the mast along with all other components fitting within the envelope of ISO container dimensions allows for trouble free logistics with no special handling requirements. This saves time and money by reducing the mobilization and demobilization times. The rig comes with a drilling basket riser that allows for full stroke operation of a 10 000 ft. / lbs. rotary table. A workover riser is also supplied to allow for shorter rig up where the rotary table will not be utilized. The unit is supplied with a main work basket with all required controls mounted for ease of use. The unit can also be fitted with a “Rig Assist Basket” to allow for rig up on conventional derrick rigs for assisting in pipe movement under pressure (snubbing). The unit can work with pipe up to 6 5/8”. This unit is the CEEM standard and required no customization to meet the special requests specific to Blok Oilfield Services, domiciled in Argentina. CEEM builds the most versatile, user friendly equipment in the industry with a design that works in all locations of the world and can be easily transported to those locations. The flexibility of this rig allows it to be utilized for snubbing, workover, side tracking, and completions. All fabrication was completed to the highest certification level and meets world wide safety standards.

Mr. Tyler Hague, President of CEEM, commented: “We are pleased to be able to send our state of the art design and fabrication to South America. Our equipment presently works all over the world and our unique design allows easy transportation whether that is across land or across oceans. At the end of 2011 CEEM established new facilities with an area 27,000 square meters complete with expanded high technology fabrication equipment. The new operations have allowed CEEM to take on a wider portfolio of projects and continue the vision to provide the highest standard of oilfield equipment in the world.”

The new rig is the first unit completed at the new facilities and there is no doubt that the AHWU225k will join the fleet at Blok Oilfield Services Argentina as the jewel in the crown.

CEEM is a privately owned specialized engineering and steel fabrication company is based in the United Arab Emirates. CEEM was established in 2006 by the current CEO, Mr. Tyler Hague. Since its inception CEEM has proven itself as the regional hub of Profile Cutting, Fabrication and related Engineering services.

CEEM currently provides a range of products and services handled under a strict quality assurance policy. With its current capacity, CEEM is capable of handling up to 25 tons of steel cutting per day. CEEM can cut material from 0.1mm up to thicknesses of 200mm and is equipped with 7 Water Jet Cutting machines and 2 CNC Plasma machines as well as extensive variety of Tools and Equipment for Fabrication. CEEM’s unique ability to take an idea from raw material to a finished product, all at one facility, gives the company a strong competitive advantage over its peers.

CEEM is an energy industry fabrication solutions provider and as a “one stop fabrication house”; this is the “bread and butter” business of the company. CEEM’s engineers use the latest 3D modeling software to design and construct working blueprints for the operations and projects undertaken. The company is equipped with a dedicated staff of welders and fabricators with specialized training. CEEM also has at its disposal Hydraulic and Electrical Technicians with specialized training. The company continues to deliver products efficiently and to the highest standard.

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Managing Director Canadian Energy Equipment Mfg.Fze. Al Ghail Industrial Park I Rak – U.A.E (office) +971-7-258-9484 (fax) +971-7-258-9485 I (mobile) +971-50-450-8506 |

About Canadian Energy Equipment Manufacturing (CEEM)

Canadian Energy Equipment Manufacturing (CEEM) is based in Al Ghail Industrial Park Free Zone with 24,000 sqr mtr area. We specialize in the manufacture of unique and custom equipment for oilfield Industry. We provide the services of Water Jet Cutting, CNC Plasma Cutting, Steel Fabrication, Machining, Grit Blasting and Painting. The company has enjoyed steady growth over the years by providing expert, reliable and cost effective service.

CEEM is now firmly a competitor in the market, and has recently embarked on ambitious expansion to become a market leader in the region and to better serve our clients. For more information, visit


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