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Black Pearl Capital Partners Acquires Bio©Diesel Refinery in Wirral.

Black Pearl Capital Partners (“BPCP”) today announced that it has added another UK renewable energy site to its UK portfolio in Bromborough, Wirral. The site consists of 46 acres with facilities for bio–diesel refining, blending, processing as well as storage.

“Today’s purchase comes on the heels of another renewable energy site we acquired in Castleford, Yorkshire. It allows us to continue an investment strategy in waste processing, waste-to-energy and renewable energy sectors,” said Reza Irani-Kermani, CEO of Black Pearl Capital. “We expect the site to be operational by mid-2011 thereby creating new employment opportunities in the region.”

The plant is currently capable of processing up to 100,000 tones of waste oils into a range of bio-diesel products. Burning bio-diesel products considerably reduces carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), a greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to global warming.

BPCP and its co-investor and asset manager, Aeternum Capital, are also investigating other opportunities to increase the investment at the site in order to develop a larger range of renewable energy activities.

About Aeternum Capital

Aeternum Capital works alongside partners, such as Black Pearl Capital, to originate investments, create value, and deliver solutions for their UK Infrastructure Assets across Renewable Energy sectors including Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Biofuels and associated commercial activities. For more information, visit

Ennovor Bio Diesel Factory
Ennovor Bio Diesel Factory


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