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Black Pearl Capital announces it is in negotiation for the distribution rights of Paul Frank

Today, Black Pearl Capital’s Chief Executive Officer, Reza Irani-Kermani announced that the company was in discussion to acquire the exclusive rights of distribution of Paul Frank Industries ( clothing and accessories for the United Kingdom.

In a statement Reza said “I am very pleased that we are at the final stages of negotiations and look forward to making a formal press release within this week. Paul Frank is an extremely well known brand and we look forward to resuming its distribution by mid September. For Black Pearl Capital, this is a new and exciting challenge and I am sure we will make a success of it”.

About Paul Frank Industries

The company continues to design products intended to reflect the original ethos from the garage days – applying themes from music, art and pop culture with an influence from mid century design into everyday objects. The company’s iconic character, ‘Julius’ is featured on many of their products, which are available through multiple retailers and their own stores. For more information, visit


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