Investment management

Black Pearl Capital currently has two active funds under management, and a third closed fund:

Black Pearl Global Opportunity Fund (BPGOF)

An agressive multi-strategy hedge fund that trades in listed equities, foreign exchange, listed options, and commodity and market futures. The fund’s strategy is event-driven and managed with a market overlay to take advantage of volatility.

Black Pearl Capital Partners (BPCP)

The fund’s private equity investments are focused on opportunities within specific global growth sectors where the Partners and Management team can add value. The investment period is typically two to three years, with an anticipated exit period of five to seven years.

Onyx MENA Fund (Closed)

This fund closed in February 2009. It was launched in July 2007 to take advantage of a unique set of Middle East and North African equity market conditions, and at the time was the only fund of its type. During the crisis of 2009 the fund was closed, as banks were unable to provide reasonable service levels and product ranges to meet the fund’s requirements.


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