Black Pearl Capitals New Private Equity Fund Acquires Kelsdale, a 140-acre Former Chemical Factory in Yorkshire

The fund, Black Pearl Capital Partners, continues strategic investment into infrastructure and renewal energy sectors.

Black Pearl Capital’s newly set-up private equity fund, Black Pearl Capital Partners (“BPCP”) today announced that it has become the majority stakeholder of Kelsdale, a former chemical plant located on 142-acres in Castleford, Yorkshire. It represents a major new UK investment for the fund and continues BPCP’s focus on infrastructure assets and renewable energy.

The fund and its co-investor and asset manager, Aeternum Capital, have begun to investigate the development opportunities for the site. They are currently in preliminary discussions with all stakeholders including, the local authorities and the UK Environment Agency to devise a long-term plan that will enable new jobs across various sectors for the region.

“One of our key strategies is to look at how we can capitalize on distressed real-estate assets in order to invest in waste processing, waste-to-energy and renewable energy sectors,” said Reza Irani-Kermani, CEO of Black Pearl Capital. “We think the water-side property in Castleford has the potential to become a new source of growth for the region. The plant has been abandoned for a number of years so it is important we find the right long-term approach for this investment.”


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